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Updated 2024-06-10
Developer MisterMaya
Patreon MisterMaya
Total size 553mb
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Law School

Let me give introduce you to my second project currently in development, Law School! It is a game where you aim to become America's most renowned lawyer. As tradition from me, it features six unique love interests, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Dive into the life of an 18-year-old with a big dream: to become the top lawyer in America. Starting as a freshman at the renowned Stocklinburg Law College, you'll navigate the intense world of law studies while balancing the temptations of parties and new relationships. Encounter mysteries and challenges that test your resolve. Will you achieve your dream and make a lasting impact on those around you? Your journey to success is filled with choices - choose wisely.

Why would you like Law School?Engaging Narrative: Law School’s ongoing story will keep you hooked with its unique setting, relatable characters, and thought-provoking themes that tackle the challenges and drama of law school life.Meaningful Choices: Your decisions truly matter in Law School. Your choices will shape your character’s path, influencing relationships, career prospects, and more, leading to multiple possible endings.Beautiful Artwork: Enjoy stunning visuals and detailed character designs that bring the game to life and create a visually appealing experience.Character Development: Watch your character grow and evolve throughout the game and interact with a diverse cast of complex and intriguing personalities, each with their own motivations and secrets.Unique GUI: I changed and modified many of the typical and mainstream images and text in Visual Novel's GUI so that Law School feels like a unique game.Access to Facegram: Facegram is my game's own social media in which you can exchange with characters and unlock hidden rewards!Comparison with my first game, ""

The Entrepreneur 

5200 images
160 animations
+230 songs
160 scenes

Law School - Episode 1

3000 images
71 animations
82 Songs
43 scenes + 1 Freeroam + Access to Facegram

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