LandGrave ~Rousha's First Adventure~ poster
Updated 2021-01-30
Developer Z-jirushi


LandGrave ~Rousha's First Adventure~

* Uni-directional RPG where you must go deeper and deeper into a dungeon with no return.


Rousha is the heir of what was once a noble family.
She hopes to restore her family's name, but in order to prove her abilities
she must first complete a perilous trial of adventure...?


A 4 party battle system.
There is a boss for every designated area in the dungeon of no return,
and you must reach these points without healing or regeneration.
Keeping track of your MP and resources is crucial.

However, even if you are defeated, your hard work does not go to waste.
You can restart with your level and items in tact.

Different difficulty settings available.
Choose the main path or a cheat path.
The difficulty greatly changes by the selection made when your senpai says
"I'll make sure you pass", but the price of cheating is...?

Powerful monsters and various humiliations wait for Rousha in the dungeon.
There are even humans who await with bad intentions...

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