Lady Pirate Jessica ~Submerged in a Sea of Cum~ poster
Updated 2016-07-21
Version 1.0
Developer yaminabedaiichikantai
Language jap
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2.07 (1248)

Lady Pirate Jessica ~Submerged in a Sea of Cum~

* Story

Jessica is the bold, beautiful captain of her own pirate ship.
However, there's jealousy among the crew, and the captain is betrayed and sold.
Enslaved to a rich man in his prison room, every day is humiliating, but
Jessica's beaten the odds her whole life. She's vowed to get out, and get revenge.

Yaminabe Dai-1 Kantai presents an assault, capture and torture RPG.

* Features

1. Battle ecchi, torture battle and and confinement!
The popular systems from Sixshooter Tina are in full force!
Sexual harassment brings down Jessica's HP and MP levels (RES and PRD).
If her PRD hits zero it's game over, and both can lead to a bad end.

2. CG and H scene appreciation modes (full game only)
Unlock the complete gallery as a reward for beating the game!
Don't worry about missing content, everything is fully available in the end!

3. Pseudo animation
CGs come to life with minor variations of movement for more realism, H-ness.

4. (New and improved) Torture battle scripting!

* Controls

Arrow keys: Character and/or cursor movement
Z, Enter, Space: Confirm and/or skip message during battle
X: Display menu and/or cancel
Ctrl: Skip text
C: Display or hide pose art (during movement)

* Notes

You can transfer your trial save data to the full game.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates
Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

Lady Pirate Jessica ~Submerged in a Sea of Cum~ screenshotLady Pirate Jessica ~Submerged in a Sea of Cum~ screenshotLady Pirate Jessica ~Submerged in a Sea of Cum~ screenshot

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