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Updated 2018-04-01
Developer Waffle
Language eng
Total size 3gb
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Kyonyuu Fantasy

Original title: 巨乳ファンタジー

Lute Hende is a recent graduate of the Edellant Kingdom’s Knight Academy. Unfortunately, due to his not being a very good fighter Lute graduated last in his class and is generally regarded as a good for nothing by his peers and teachers. As a result he’s assigned to the backwater border town of Boan, where they believe he’ll remain largely out of sight and out of mind. However, an encounter with a beatiful and deadly succubus will lead him to uncovering a conspiracy against the crown. Dealing with this will only be the first step in Lute’s rise not only amongst his fellow knights but eventually into the upper ranks of the kingdom itself.

The game by Waffle is provided for you by and is available for free download. All files of the game is 3 GB. Try playing other fantasy and adult breast feeding free games to find your favourite. Check out provided screenshots of this game to get familiar with the style, genre and gameplay. Share the link to "Kyonyuu Fantasy" to help other players know more about it. You can find more adult games using search and tags.

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Download and install instructions

Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

Game screenshots:
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