Kurenkisho Quolta Amadeus EG poster
Updated 2020-05-04
Developer kudarizaka guardrail
Language eng

Kurenkisho Quolta Amadeus EG

Official Homepage (Japanese language)

- A strong transforming heroine gets caught in cruel traps and endures erotic attacks!
And if she gets defeated, the monsters get to have their way with her.,..

- All erotic enemy attacks affect pose art!
- Erotic damage that shows you where she's feeling it!
- Expressions and lines change depending on the sensation!
- The heroine can escape from the monsters and destroy them quite easily, but...
- Heroine reactions change based on a variety of bad status effects!
- Traps and status effects will lower her effectiveness in battle...

Get defeated by monsters, and training scenes will occur...

Erotic Attack Examples:
Full body molesting, verbal humiliation, milking, remote control sex toys,
pleasure interrogation, teasing and tormenting, etc.

Conversations will also change depending on the heroine's current status!
Two difficulty modes, plus a gallery mode that lets you enjoy previous scenes and variations...!
There's even a stress reduction mode that lets you progress quickly and see the next enemy encounter!

16 types of enemies each with 3 kinds of erotic attacks
1500+ CG materials / combined with pose art, 6,000,000+ combinations
53 negative status effects (up to 30 can be active at once!)
16 base defeat scene CG (91 including variations)

* Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.
* Created with RPG Tkool MV.

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