Kumakan RPG poster
Updated 2016-07-19
Developer kumakan
Language jap
Version 1.03

Kumakan RPG

* Story

Everyone gathered in the bedroom of rich kitty Miranda
to test the "Dream Mirror", an invention which could warp
Kuma-san and friends to another dimension.

The plan was to use the Mirror to go play somewhere new.

They activated it. Everyone warped.
Only then did they realize the makers had skimped on parts.
Too late to go back now! The Mirror scattered Kuma-san
and friends all over the other side, in the world of Isekai

(lit., "Parallel Dimension")

Kuma-san met a young girl called Fii.
Together, they started an adventure to find everyone.

* Game

Hack and slash-style erotic kemomimi sex training RPG!

* 28 base CGs, over 900 variations, 28 pose artworks.
Includes pixel art.

* Scatology can be toggled ON/OFF at your preference.

* Depicts birth, eggspawn, nipple f*ck, first penetration, etc.
with no grotesque imagery (no blood).

Kumakan RPG screenshotKumakan RPG screenshotKumakan RPG screenshot

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