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Updated 2017-10-04
Developer dieselmine
Language jap

Knightess Leticia

■Ver1.01 [10/03 Update]

A knightess that was falsely accused of kidnapping the
princess makes her way alone to a savage land of perversion
and violation in an attempt to rescue that very princess...
While being humiliated and r*ped all along the way. [RPG]

Contains erotic scenes like: sexual harassment interrogation,
drugged up creampie sex, forced cowboy style titty job,
humiliation body graffiti, spanking and doggy style,
anal beads tail + animal ear pet play, breast milk fetishism,
interspecies sex, pregnancy and birthing, voyeurism,
gag-ball + all limb restrained violation, princess insemination
grind by the last boss, and more!

Knightess Leticia served the Kingdom of Saintiar as a royal guard.
Thanks to her great strength and bravery she was successful in
defeating the neighboring nations and bringing glory to the kingdom.
As praise for her acts, she was given the honorable position of
direct and exclusive guard of the princess. What an honor indeed!
She was on the path to glory, the ideal life and aim of knighthood!

But... lurking in the shadows... biding their time in distant lands
were those who had been smited by her... scheming their revenge.

Under the guise of an new aristocrat, they make their move,
abduct the princess and entrap Leticia with the false accusation
of being the mastermind behind the whole plan...... Treason!

With no prospect of backup, Leticia must rescue the princess alone
and prove that her accusations hold no foundation.
She makes her way to the distant regions... savage perverted lands...

- Leticia (CV: Mafuyu Hiiragi)
A royal guard serving the Kingdom of Saintiar.
Loyal, strong, diligent, young and beautiful,
she is the a subject of admiration and... envy.

- Seyla (CV: Yuri Ayase)
The first princess of the Kingdom of Saintiar.
Cute and adorable, she is an idol of the kingdom,
with great popularity and totally loved by the king.
Upon being abducted she is sold away as a slave...

- Neria (CV: Chiroru Oyama)
A fortune teller in the distant lands.
With a suggestive smile on her face, she sometimes
helps Leticia on her adventure to save the princess.

Knightess Leticia screenshotKnightess Leticia screenshotKnightess Leticia screenshotKnightess Leticia screenshot

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