Kidnaprison: A Sex Crime RPG poster
Updated 2017-01-17
Developer a cellar
Language jap

Kidnaprison: A Sex Crime RPG

Abduct and destroy!
Kidnap, imprison, assail, abuse and break captives' souls!
A sex crime RPG.

* Buttery smooth H anime
60fps smoothness animated with After Effects
You can control the timing of the cumshots

* Easy battle f*cking
Sex scenes feature strikes, spankings and more
There's no failure scenes
Wreak havoc! Let nothing hinder your criminal lifestyle!

* Big screen mode & other features
640x480 size, adjustable SFX and BGM volumes,
CTRL to skip, backlog feature, replay mode,
8-directional movement (diagonal movement)!

* An epic world-saving story with multiple endings
You're not just a r*pist
You're a time traveling r*pist who is going to save the world!
Leap from modern day to the future, to medieval times
The world changes in real time when you time warp

Target a girl coming home from school
Shove a love letter in the facehole of a captive
Deceive a dreamy otome......

* Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free)
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates

* More details on the circle's blog

* Version 1.0

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