Josou Gakuen poster
Updated 2016-08-16
Developer Nounai Kanojo
Language jap

Josou Gakuen

Original title: 女装学園(妊)

It was a sudden confession. Kento’s classmate Aoi was like an unattainable flower whom he could only watch from afar. Now, Aoi stood in front of him in the classroom at night. “I love you! Please go out with me!” He couldn’t imagine that it would finally be his turn to get a girlfriend. He was convinced that he wasn’t that popular and it must be a punishment game, he ran away in confusion.
The next morning, the principal made an abrupt revelation: the school was actually a boys’ school! The cute kouhai in his club. The pretty, but delinquent-like senpai. Yes, that ‘girl’ who confessed to him last night too. They’re all guys!

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