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Updated 2016-09-30
Developer double melon
Size 238mb
Language jap
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Ripped by: Unknown

JK Yuina's Sexy Holiday

Yuina Shizuhara is a chronic masturbator and still a virgin.
When wanking isn't enough any more she decides to have sex.


Talk to people in the park.
Trigger H events.

Features incl. message skip, F5 key for zoom,
easy-to-follow tutorial and walkthrough hints.

* Pubic hair special focus: three options for normal, none, or bristly

* Scat mode / scat scenes with optional "direct" or "indirect" option
Scat scenes can also be avoided with Scat Avoid Mode

23 base CGs! 429 variations! (plus more pose art)

28 sex scenes featuring
- sekuhara
- massage
- camera voyeurism
- fellatio
- paizuri
- r*pe
- plump belly
- scat
and more

Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

JK Yuina's Sexy Holiday screenshotJK Yuina's Sexy Holiday screenshotJK Yuina's Sexy Holiday screenshot

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