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Developer Devil In the room
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The sequel to INTRIGUE II.

When a sorceress, Nightflak, casts a forbidden ancient spell in order to save a married couple,
a curse affected her and her body was rejuvenated. Despite her attempts to remove the curse, none of them worked as she intended.

One day, she overhears that there is a methodology called alchemy on the adjacent continent.
Thinking in a way that alchemy's unique approaches to the objects should do a trick that
magic cannot, she makes up her mind to visit the continent.

Accompanied by Platy, who is a diligent student in a magic academy invited to the continent
for exchanging ideas between people in the fields of technology and magic, Nightflak ventures into a new world.

- Clothing Damage
Her clothes will be ripped off upon getting damaged.
Enemies become greatly strong when she gets naked.
Please note that recovering her HP alone does not repair her clothes.

- Special Events
Some towns have events which will happen only when she is naked.

- Supporting Items
Special items can switch between different clothing states and lose in battles intentionally!
Cheat spells and equipment for beginners are also contained!

28 base CG
No pixel art H scenes
Depicts interspecies sex and gapeface. Please be warned.

Bonus Contents:
- Post-game special room
- 2x save data right before the ending event
- Character descriptions

INTRIGUE III screenshotINTRIGUE III screenshotINTRIGUE III screenshot

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