Updated 2023-10-23
Developer Strange Girl
Patreon joody14
Language en
Total size 69mb
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This game contains mature and sensitive content.


In a world far removed from the traditional medieval tales, our story begins after a catastrophic event thrust the planet back into an icy age. Humanity was forced to abandon the surface and seek refuge underground, where the warmth of natural magma and lava sources offered the last vestige of comfort. 

Over the span of 200 to 400 years, the majority of technological advancements were lost to history. Instead, a monarchy emerged, with lords, barons, and nobles reigning over their subterranean dominions. The underground caves were divided into regions, each controlled by powerful families known as Cave Lords, who wielded both fear and respect.

INNVENTURE is a unique adventure narrative game where you embark on a journey into this uncharted realm, selecting from a diverse cast of 36 unique characters, each with its own compelling narrative. Their individual motivations drive them to converge at the enigmatic COCK INN tavern, a place of intrigue and camaraderie in this unforgiving underground world. 

Each character's backstory and reason for finding work at the tavern, aptly named COCK INN, is unveiled as you make your selection, setting the stage for a riveting and immersive gaming experience. Unravel the mysteries of the underground, forge alliances, and discover the secrets that lie hidden beneath the earth's frozen surface.  

Your adventure begins now in this unparalleled, post-cataclysmic world. 


All characters are fictional and 18+ years old.
Our game doesn't include any illegal or forbidden content according to's terms of service.


Please consider supporting us sowe can work faster for the game!

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