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Updated 2016-02-27
Developer Medusa
Language jap
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Incest Lover

Meet the main character, your average student nearing graduation, living together with the stepmother of his dad's second wife.
His days pass by uneventfully, until when he one evening meets a beautiful widow who has moved into the house next door...

His real mother's shadow suddenly crossed over with her...

* Lots of CG images, over 60! (Over 100 with variations included!)

* Forking storyline and full voice!
Multiple storylines to choose from, leading up to multiple endings.
And the female characters are fully voiced, of course!

* The trial version allows you to play up until the end of the prologue.

* For more details about this product, visit the homepage listed below!

Incest Lover screenshotIncest Lover screenshotIncest Lover screenshot

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