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Updated 2022-05-12
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Ignorant girl Mao and Depraved city

Original title: 無知っ娘マオと堕落の街

Because I write a diary created in Ci-en、
If you are interested in the introduction, please come by all means.

ー Story

This is a lush star floating in the universe with a certain dimension, a small story spun by Mao, a fighting girl aiming for the strongest, and Theo, a boy who is a partner.

The stage is the kingdom "Anatail" where the dispute over the territory has settled.
This kingdom was now boiling by the special demand boom by adventurers.

"Blankmont" is a sacred mountain in the northern part of the kingdom.
In the basement of this sacred mountain full of abundant magical power, a huge labyrinth was discovered.

A few days later, the Kingdom of Anatolia publishes information that this labyrinth belongs to an ancient kingdom that believed in the ancient gods.
Adventurers who saw the information, seeking the treasure of the ancient kingdom that perished that would still be sleeping in the labyrinth, I rushed to the Anatail Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the young adventurers of the two sets of people step into the Anatail Kingdom.
It was the two main characters of this story, Mao and Theo.

Blankmont is under the influence of strong magical power, a powerful demon beast is swagger.
In particular, the interior of the mountain is filled with a higher concentration of magical power, and the higher the altitude, the more pronounced the trend.
Therefore, it is also famous as a mountain boasting the highest degree of danger, and the two visited in search of a place of training in order to aim for higher.

However, the discovery of a huge underground labyrinth will fill the inn all over the country, and the two people will be staying in the famous town, "Yurkoram" when security is bad ....
There, there were many men who wanted to commit a healthy limb of Mao if there was a chance and try to do it....

ー Event scene

Basic CG: 18 sheets
Number of scenes: 17 (except for simple events)

※ H scene of this game, except for a few pieces will be with the middle-aged father called "Bomb" of the tool shop of Yule Koram.
※ The hero Mao and his childhood friend Theo are not lovers.
 Also, Mao has no love for Theo, but Theo has feelings of love for Mao.
 Therefore, please be careful as you may feel the feeling of being taken by a person thinly.

The main character Mao of this work is poor growth of shame from the environment that was born and raised, there is almost no sexual knowledge.
However, because he has gone through many dead lines, his ability to detect danger is very high, and by his defensive reaction, he unconsciously dismisses sexual harassment directed at himself.
In addition, the excessive protection of the watchman, Theo, was added, and while Mao was sexually ignorant, he was always far away from the greed of the inferior man.

It was such a Mao, but I am interested in sexual activity by looking at erotic books at the tool shop, and I am relieved of the vigilance slowly in the middle-aged father's Kuchihachou Handhachou, and I am stimulated with curiosity and sexual desire, and I gradually forgive the body.

Some of the features of the event scene include…
-I accidentally read an erotic book and become interested in sexual things.
When I show AV (adult vision) to the middle・aged father Bombu who is the owner of the tool shop, I am invited and I am stimulated with curiosity, and I allow to touch the body from the top of clothes in return.
-Gradually radicalized touch is sold as an AV video that has been hidden and taken, and it is exposed to foolery to fellow adventurers.
-It is filled with curiosity and sexual desire, and I dedicate a virgin to a middle-aged father who does not like it.
-I was persuaded by the body, and I was allowed to shoot AV while knowing that I would be seen by many people, and I was allowed to promote it.
-Such as exposed propensity and masochistic propensity, the propensity is instilled as a middle-aged father's favorite, if for the chin of middle-aged father, even the pride as his own kenshi would be discarded.

You can enjoy the foolery of the ignorant girl who is gradually fallen and it comes to let you touch the chest from the top of the clothes, and it comes to let you touch it directly, and it comes to let you lick it ... and so on.
Of course, until you fall, but after you fall, we have prepared a volume firmly, so I think that you can enjoy not only ignorance situations, but also those who like fallen things.

In addition to the ending that is fallen to middle-aged father, we also prepare HAPPYEND to succeed as a fist warrior as a virgin.

* Bomb's eyes are displayed by default, but you can also hide them in the game settings.
* Depending on the environment, there may be problems with play, so please be sure to check the operation in the trial version.
 Please note that the trial version cannot be passed on to the product version.
 In addition, re-download is required when updates are required, such as defects and additional elements、
 It is not possible to respond in other.Please be sure to purchase it after registering as a member.




















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