Idol ★ Clinic - Koi no Kusuri de H na Shohou poster
Updated 2017-03-01
Developer Sweet Heart
Size 3gb
Language jap
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Idol ★ Clinic - Koi no Kusuri de H na Shohou

Original title: アイドル★クリニック 恋の薬でHな処方

The protagonist is working as a pharmacist exclusively dealing with showbiz. One day, a young new idol, Yuzuka, comes to get a throat medicine. During that time, he learns that she has stage fright and vows to make a cure for her.
Afterwards, she comes running back to him and starts crying. It looks like she made a mistake during the recording. In order to calm her down, he gives her the medicine he's just made and it seems to work. However, Yuzuka appears to be feeling a little bit strange...?

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