I Started an Evil Association ~Throw the World Into Chaos as the Villain~ poster
Updated 2020-12-31
Developer Kamitsumaki
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I Started an Evil Association ~Throw the World Into Chaos as the Villain~

The reason why I'm a genius pickpocket is the natural enemy of magical girls.
A world where there are usually secret societies of evil and Heroes of Justice
The only skill I have in such a world is the ability of a genius pickpocket who can easily take away what the other person has(cane or stick).
So extreme poverty life to live with the misdemeanor of shoplifting and purse pickpocket.

At one point, you witness a battle between the members of the evil organization Jockers and magical girls
For some reason in my heart I would support the evil jockey rather than the ally of Justice
A magical girl cannot fight without a magic wand??...And, in the chaos of the battle sneak sneak, I tried to steal the magic wand by poking a gap!
Then the magical girl could not do anything and was driven away from the jockey members....

Maybe I'm a natural enemy of magical girls as a genius pickpocket.

< Game features>
○Free scenario RPG in the world where there are multiple righteous allies and evil organizations
 They can cooperate with each other, betray each other, and fight freely.
 The goal is to advance the game so that your organization gets the upper hand, and destroy all other organizations.

○Features of the main character
It has a special ability that can take away the magic wand possessed by magical girls
In the early stages of the game, we will search for Magic aid and capture magical girls.

The magical girl who took away the magic wand and incapacitated it, and captured it by bringing it to the hideout and brainwashing and remodeling surgery
It is possible to utilize as a minions who can also do their own erotic

< About organizations that exist>
There are various organizations of justice and evil in the world, and each of them has repeatedly collaborated, betrayed, and fought
The goal is to advance the game so that your organization has an advantage and destroy all other organizations
As the strength of the organization grows, the hideout also grows, and it becomes possible to act on a large scale

[Introduction to each organization】
- Legion of Justice-
魔法 magical girl Corps□
I will capture them with various abilities, brainwash them, and add them to the organization as a servant who can do naughty things at will
Magical girls who boast powerful fighting power are just prey to the hero

組織 Organization of Squadron□
There's a group of evil fighters, a female squadron heroine.

戦士 aloof warrior□
Heroes and heroines who fight evil as a lone wolf

学園 school girl warrior□
It is The Apprentice heroines who fight evil without knowing while living the school life

- Legion of evil-
■ Death, Death group■
It's a terrorist group that has brainwashed a lot of people.

It is an organization with powerful monsters who have modified humans.

国家 state power△
It's a human force that owns the police, the military, etc.
The power of missiles and other weapons is enormous.

The magical girls and heroines are all kidnapped and fucked.
Because it is an evil organization, if there is a woman who cares, don't put up with it, let's kidnap and get it!

Magical girls who are too strong for other organizations to get their hands on can't match the hero's special abilities at all
Let's kidnap and remodel as a naughty servant by humiliating insult and brainwashing!

Even if the opponent is a squadron heroine or a heroine of aloof power is the world of all evil -.
You can kidnap the woman you want and transform it into a naughty servant.

As a bad guy, let's enjoy a free scenario with a magnificent world view.
You can enjoy the game freely by collaborating with each organization, betraying, and fighting
The goal of the game is to destroy other organizations and become an evil organization
Players can freely build the game world by selecting the events that are occurring at the same time

Examples of how to enjoy free games)
- Find and destroy all evil organizations, space detectives, etc. that use drones you don't know well.
- Find out all the female warriors who are active in secret in the school for etch purpose
- Enjoy ordinary evils, such as attacking a bank
- The secret base of the squadron and the coffee shop where the heroes gather(?We'll find him, we'll attack him, we'll destroy him.
- You become a member of another organization while being solicited, and better yet, you become a modified person
- Seize state power and use overwhelming military power to annihilate all enemy organizations in a half-laugh state.

Other things
Use your pickpocket abilities to become a normal criminal King
I have a forbidden love affair with a magical girl and live in peace
...And so on.

- About trial version-
The main part cannot be played with the sample for Operation confirmation
Please make sure your computer is playable
(Some BGM and effects are not available in the trial version)




















自由なゲームの楽しみ方 例)



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