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Updated 2018-12-24
Developer Cli Pick
Language jap
Version 1.04

I am your Guignol

In this iron desert town, what I must defeat, what I must protect.

Within the sand, the rust and the dark storm of violence,
can the tale of one small love, be spun to its completion?

[Game Overview]
In the town of Elgerita, be witness to / take part in various events,
and fight your way through dungeons to proceed through the game.

There are tough monsters and bosses awaiting you in the desert dungeon.
But you, the protagonist, must nonetheless make you
way through for your beloved childhood friend, Shunolij.

Use the bonus points gained on leveling up to develop
the protagonist and heroine to suit your play style.

In a world of iron, rust and violence, whether the protagonist can protect
his childhood friend and mother, is entirely up to your actions.

[Story Overview]
That is a source of strife, created by humanity itself.
Mindless puppets with one purpose... slaughter.

At their hands, conflicts intensified.
At their hands, the world went down the path of destruction.

They have no conscious. They do not think.
Just kill, steal, pillage and murder... as commanded.

That chain of strife called further and the world laid in waste.
In the end, humanity finally chose a correct decision...
To seal every single last Guignol and never use them again.

While the threat was no longer, the damage had already been done.
For all that lay before the now open eyes of humanity...
...was a desert of iron and rust... and monstrosities.

Humanities only means of survival, to band together, to gather near
the scarce natural resources which remain. Force in numbers.

and you, our young protagonist, lives in one such place.
In the iron desert town of Elgerita...

- CG / Scenario / Effects may change with updates / revisions.
- Trial version save data cannot be used in the retail version.
- This game was created by one person. There may be bugs.
- Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

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