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Updated 2024-03-17
Developer tatamivisual
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Hope: University of the Elite

Version 0.1.6 - Release

Changed Hitomi arcNew CGsNew neutral/good/bad systemGameplay went up to sunday for the first week (finished mansion story)Implementation of the dream system (with spicy CGs)

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Your choices will guide Yusuke through a labyrinth of challenges, mysteries, and hidden truths. Navigate the delicate balance of forging new bonds and unraveling the enigmatic secrets that lie within the university's walls. But tread carefully, for each decision could lead Yusuke down a path of darkness or light, shaping his destiny in unforeseeable ways. Will you steer him towards redemption and altruism, or will the allure of darker choices change the course of his journey? The fate of Yusuke's world rests in your hands—choose wisely.

Engaging storyline with multiple branching paths.Vibrant characters with unique personalities.Beautifully illustrated backgrounds and character art.Immerse yourself in the university atmosphere with detailed scenes.Make choices that influence the outcome of the narrative.A mix of humor, drama, romance, mystery and of course sex

Occupation: University Student
Eri captivates attention with her distinctive gothic-styled uniform and playful pigtails, embodying a unique blend of charm and daring. Her lively and flirty nature makes her particularly popular among the male population on campus, a fact that has unfortunately garnered her some envy and gossip from her female peers. Despite this, Eri navigates her social life with a spirited humor and a penchant for challenging conventions, making her interactions both thrilling and unpredictable. Her popularity doesn't seem to phase her, as she continues to engage with Yusuke and others in her usual, unapologetically bold manner.

Occupation: University Student, Class Representative and Student Body President
Hitomi is the epitome of perfection in the eyes of her peers, boasting flawless grades and a charisma that wins over both students and faculty alike. Despite her seemingly perfect exterior, whispers of hidden depths and secrets suggest there's much more to Hitomi than her impeccable public image. Her leadership is marked by a blend of grace and authority, making her an admired figure across campus.

Occupation: University Student, Star Athlete
Haruka's athletic prowess is renowned, making her a celebrated figure in university sports. Known for her fiery temper and passionate dedication, she also possesses a surprisingly tender side, showing immense care and loyalty to those she considers friends. Academically, she's a force to be reckoned with, trailing just behind Hitomi in university rankings, proving her to be a true all-rounder.

Occupation: University Student, Rising Idol
Ayano's life is a balancing act between her studies and her burgeoning career as an idol. Her fame is a well-guarded secret on campus, as she navigates the challenges of her dual life with a mix of enthusiasm and naivety. Despite her sheltered upbringing, Ayano's friendly and outgoing nature endears her to many, although her inexperience with relationships and everyday challenges often leads to amusing situations.

Occupation: University Freshman
Minagi's shyness is her hallmark, often seen lingering on the fringes of social gatherings. She harbors a deep secret that she guards fiercely, contributing to her reserved demeanor. Despite her difficulties in opening up, those patient enough to breach her walls find a kind-hearted soul longing for connection and understanding.

Occupation: University Student

Megumi is Hitomi's confidante and right hand, often seen together, especially after classes. Her outgoing personality complements Hitomi's leadership, making them a formidable team. However, rumors swirl about Megumi's fidelity, painting her as someone who seeks thrills beyond her current relationship, adding a layer of intrigue and gossip to her vibrant persona.

Occupation: University Student

Souta, with his good looks, could have been the heartthrob of the campus if not for his awkward social skills and sometimes oblivious behavior towards women. His friendship with Yusuke is solid, yet his approach to interactions, especially with beautiful women, reveals a lack of tact and a tendency towards more perverted inclinations, often leading to comedic yet cringeworthy situations.

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