Hitozuma Onnakyoshi - Married Female Teacher Sexual Libido Class 3 poster
Updated 2014-07-23
Developer Mocking Soft
Language jap

Hitozuma Onnakyoshi - Married Female Teacher Sexual Libido Class 3

* 27 base CG works (over 350 works total) *

---This sort of thing isn't allowed at school!---

His father was Shuichiro Ayukawa, president of The Ayukawa Group,
who had in a single generation wiped out the competition.
His mother, Satomi Ayukawa, was the feared and merciless headmistress
of the school he attended.

With such formidable parents,
average protagonist Hideaki Ayukawa didn't live life so much as was
shoved along its narrow path...

Hideaki's sole relief from the stress
was the homeroom teacher for whom he longed, Ms. Keiko Sawaguchi,
and his friendship with her son Ayumu, until...

Amid those days, Ms. Keiko asked Hideaki to discuss something in private.
In an empty classroom, to the protagonist whose chest
was tight with desire and anticipation, she imparted words...
The slow grind of gears, the blood of the rising Ayukawa family.
A overflowing thirst for ripeness originated from within drags Hideaki into a world of perversion.

The latest in the popular R-18 game series arrives in 1280x720 HD resolution.
Highly recommend for the fan of mature woman, wife, teacher, mother, dirty talk and big breasts & ass.

Planning and scenario by Kariya Cafe, Hohei Kawaguchi
Art and CGs by Tanuki Torano
Music by Tesshin Noyama, SENTIVE
Voices by Miyabi Shion, Aosa, Ari Sakura
Sound by Jun Fukuda (VoiceBloom), Mitchie Sandra (SandranicProject)

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