Hechima ni Koi Suru Joshikousei -JK×JK- poster
Updated 2017-01-19
Developer Drei
Language jap

Hechima ni Koi Suru Joshikousei -JK×JK-

Original title: ヘチマに恋する女子校生 -JK×JK-

Because of her class representative work, Alice Shiina still comes to school even though it's summer vacation.Walking around in school, she is suddenly attacked and "hugged" by Hechima, a lost "boy" out of nowhere.
School reports this as a result but when authorities prepare to take him away, Alice decides to take care of him.
It's decided that Hechima will be staying at school for summer.
Alice who has never taken care of anyone finds herself struggling.
Violently running around, and clinging on to her--the "boy" made her run from place to place.
Alice then researches about Hechima on some suspicious site and finds herself excited.
Ultimately, she realizes that his "hugging" is a way of courting and her heart becomes pounded with excitement.
Conscious of the opposite sex for the first time, Alice steadily becomes aware of Hechima...

One thing led to another, summer vacation passes in the blink of an eye and the day when Hechima needs to be handed to authorities fast approaches.
What will Alice and Hechima do?!

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