Heaven & Hell ~Nagutte Okasu! Saikyou Ryona Battle!~ poster
Updated 2017-02-07
Developer Dieselmine
Language jap
Total size 536mb
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Heaven & Hell ~Nagutte Okasu! Saikyou Ryona Battle!~

Original title: ヘブンズ&ヘル~殴って犯す!最凶リョナバトル!~

In this life, there is one simple truth... Strength, skill, no matter how extraordinary is worthless if it's not applied. And no amount of talent or strength will outmatch a gun. That reality was drilled into my brain like a trauma when the woman I loved was attacked. That day forward, I lost my reason to live, burdened by a cloak of desire and frustration, rolling with and fighting street thugs.That's how I came to know a particular strange bastard.
"If there were a place that let you do anything you wanted......" he said, "if you could HAVE anything you wanted, would you go?"
...... Huh? The guy must be nuts. First of all my desire was impossible to be fulfilled. And where in Japan could someone unleash pure rage without getting arrested or worse?
I scoffed, but the guy's face was unchanging.
"If you're strong enough, anything goes. Would you go?" he invited.
...... Yeah. I'd go. What did I have to lose? If it was a trick or something I'd just wallop the bastard. So I followed him......
To an alternate dimension. Hosted by demons. A grand arena called "Heavens & Hell". A lawless battleground of beautiful women.
"Purge your desire! To the winner, any wish is bestowed!"
If I could actually have what I wanted......
Pure, unfiltered violence! I'm going to fuck shit up!

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