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Updated 2023-03-19
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Harem of Commander

All the heroes in the party are women! After each battle, either to celebrate their victory, show their gratitude to their leader, or just to get their minds off the fight, the party members take turns entertaining their commander.

This wasn't initially a game. It's more of a supplement for other games. I was playing The Last Spell (amazing game) and Darkest Dungeon. Between each battle, I was using some tables on Excel and dice rolls to create some random lewd stories for the characters in my game. It was fun for a while, so I thought I'd try to automate the dice rolling in an application, and this is the result.

This application does not "hook onto" other games. Instead, I just enter in the characters I want to track from other games into this application. After that, at whatever interval I find appropriate (maybe after each battle), I'd run a cycle ("process day") in this application, which then creates random events on how the heroines entertain the commander (player) that round.

The application is mainly designed to:

Randomly generate how each entered in heroine entertains their commander each cycle.Track the history of the story and the heroines. You can go back and view who did what in previous days, or how many times she did said actions.Give a sense of escalation of scenes over time. After a heroine does an action, she gains "affinity" for those actions. As she gains more affinity, she can be more daring in future scenes involving that action. You can compare the affinity levels of the characters over time.

There are a few things I would like to update at some point, but I'm not sure exactly when:

What the heroines do are based on tables and dice rolls, but I don't show them to the player. I think this takes a lot away from the experience, and I would like to make the tables and dice rolls visible at some point.Change the button layout, and also add keyboard controls.Add a brief description of heroine when describing what they do that day.Add other modes, such as a card-based deck-builder game. In this mode, each heroine will start with a few simple cards that decide what she does. After they entertain the commander, they would gain some random cards that let her do more daring things.I call it a "day", but I should really call it a "cycle". That way, it's general enough to capture other games, like Darkest Dungeon ("week"), or Battletech ("Mission").


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