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Updated 2018-03-16
Developer dieselmine
Language jap

Hanamachi Girl Chihaya

* Story
Every night "Oukagai" attracts many people because the town gives
people one-night entertainment in which daily nuisances vanish ephemerally.
Gamble, alcohol, cigarette, drug and whorehouse... Here is every kind of pleasures.
It is natural that the light welcomes ones in affluence, so does the darkness ones in poverty.
Tonight a girl is invited into the darkness here, as per usual.
It might be the hell that she eventually arrives in, or...

The protagonist is a guy who is in charge of training for new employees
in a whorehouse "Yoshiwara Kachou". His job is to instill sexual techniques
into prostitutes in training period. He has lost his innocence long ago
because he has trained a number of budding prostitutes so far.

One of these days, he has got to take care of a miserable girl Chihaya.
While somehow bewildered by Chihaya's otherworldly atmosphere,
his mind gradually becomes open during which he teaches her various common things.

* System
This is a Yuukaku(whorehouse) fantasy that you can freely walk around
gorgeously rendered 3D map. The purpose is to educate and instill
sexual techniques into Chihaya to be a full-fledged prostitute.

At first Chihaya can, from her emotionless personality, hardly have a talk with somebody.
So you try to get acquainted with her by giving kimono as presents, teaching
fun things in this world and sexual techniques that are important for a prostitute.

The story has three endings each prompted by different values of her love meter.
Plus there are optional events around the town that would be fun to look for.

The Sex Skills You Teach Chihaya
- Kiss
- Leg Pillow
- Taking Bath Together
- Massage
- Handjob / Fellatio
- Cunnilingus
- Missionary Position
- Doggy Style Position / Anal
- Cowgirl Position

- Yukinojou
Guy working at Yoshiwara Kachou, the biggest whorehouse in the town,
who is in charge of training for new employees. The protagonist of this story.

Chihaya (CV: Nachu Aizawa)
A silver-haired girl sold to the whorehouse, in miserable appearance.
Emotionless because raised in an environment without affection.
Going to be educated to be a prostitute under Yukinojou's instruction.
The mistress expects her to be a good prostitute with her unique atmosphere valued.

Aoi (CV: Yuri Ayase)
The most popular oiran (prostitute) in the whorehouse.
Had been educated by Yukinojou in past. Occasionally
visits Yukinojou having feelings for Yukinojou in mind.
Recently jealous of his relationship with Chihaya.

The owner of Yoshiwara Kachou. Brings jobs to Yukinojou.
Rumors tell that she was once a very popular oiran.

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