Hajimete no Kanojo poster
Updated 2019-06-01
Developer Waffle
Language jap

Hajimete no Kanojo

Original title: 初めての彼女

Noriaki Takagi is an average college student quickly approaching his 20th birthday. Having missed his opportunity to confess to his crush of 6 years, he spends his listless days dreaming of the love that could have been.
Tired of being teased by his friends for being childish and overly dramatic for being unable to let go of his love, Noriaki resolves to overwrite his remorseful love with new love. Uncertain of where to start, he consults the manager at his part-time job who suggests going losing his virginity to a soapland girl to wipe the slate clean.

Doing what all zoomers do, Noriaki researches soaplands online prior to visiting in order to prepare himself for the unknown adult world. "Be on the lookout for photoshopped pictures", "you get what you paid for", "a waist measurement of 58 is the danger zone". Noriaki picks up all sorts of random information - but as he is about to call it a night - a picture catches his eyes.

To his disbelief, it's Akino Yukimiya, his love of 6 years.

With renewed vigor and a conviction seize the second wind he was given, Noriaki makes his soapland debut.

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