思春期エルフのちょっとHな小冒険! poster
Updated 2016-09-26
Developer はにぐらそふと
Language jap
Total size 198mb
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■ Current version:2.0
■Updated content
- Fixed a bug that stopped at the black screen at startup.
- Please do not update the save data of the old version if it is working properly because it can not be used
- Fixed a bug in CG mode.

"I decided...... I'm skinny! Thin,it will become a slender body of Senpai favorite!!」

For the Elf, The Mint with a plump and healthy body is going to be liked by the longing senior
Set out on a journey to find the legendary lean medicine-Liza potion.

Felicia, an unclean priest, and estri, a virtuous scholar, become friends.

"I can't leave a cute elf girl in trouble!」
Felicia, who is Slender, is a thin type.
According to the doctrine of”guardian of cute things", to support the mint with magic of good.

"You're taller than average elves," he said.」
Estri is a scholar who majors in "trap studies".
The 24-year-old, who is petite and petite, has a secret Lori figure.

The dungeon where the legendary potions are sleeping is full of danger!

Wandering through the maze-like interior is a strong and sexist monster.
If you lose, it is immediately violated,and it will be made a comfort of sex.

"I've been accumulating these days...... your uterus, I'll pour in plenty of Ola's seed」
"This, child seed...... Hey! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!」

The feeling of a shy girl who thinks of a favorite person is trampled on……
From a crude and ferocious monster, while receiving repeated and repeated humiliation
The body and mind that was pure is dirty,and the girl comes to look forward to the caress from the monster someday.

"Look, the noble ma○ko of the elf is sucking the dirty ji○Po of the orc completely!」
"Well....... also, more oh....... buttoiochi○po, Minto Ooko....... Gu, I want you to stir it in Gu chogu Gu.……」

Through all the dangers and difficulties, will Mint be able to get the Liza potion safely??

It doesn't save the world.
I'm not going to defeat the Demon King.

Little adventures of adolescent elves

Dungeon exploration RPG

※Please note※
This work is produced in RPG Maker MV.

★Before purchase, please check the operation of the trial version without fail ★

Correction of defects, etc., will be done by re-download from the sales site.
We recommend that you register as a member of the purchase site.



「決めた……私、やせる! やせて、センパイ好みのほっそり体型になってみせる!!」







「こ、子種……やぁっ! やだやだやだよぉ……モンスターの子種なんて絶対イヤぁッ!」










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