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Updated 2022-11-21
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Good at School

Hi everyone !

We are currently developing Good At School ... A game that take place in a girl only adult school... emphasis on adult ! (*wink*) 


You will play as a young man that is back after a long time away. Your *landlady* will help you find a job in the school she works for... It's a girl only school.. but the school is in poor shape.. So they really need help and will make an exception for you... The school will start in a really bad shape... only a few students will be present... With your *hard* work and dedication.. you will help upgrading the school, attracting more and more students... You will have different jobs, garbage man, chief in the cuisine, normal teacher, gym teacher, assistant director.. director.. and maybe you will end owning the school ! Each job comes with its own mini games that will help you earn money. You are then free to invest that money in the school... or in the students ...   

Autonomous population

Each student will be different. Each girl (staff and teachers too) will have their own ambitions, interests, things they like and not, etc... They will wander the school, go to classes (or maybe not), sports, dorm rooms, have relations between each other, etc. What you will do with one may influence the others, and vice versa.  We have started developing the AI for the game, and while at the very basic state yet, (you can see the girls wandering around in the court of the school, stopping to talk to each other, etc) it is really promising. 

School Management

A good side of the game will be the management of the school. The end goal is to attract a lot of students. (more students = more money, more money = more students) To attract more girls to your school, you will have the option to chose among a lot of parameters. Depending of what kind of girls you want to attract... You may want to fund the IT department.. or the Sports one.. or maybe both? The choice is yours. While you progress trough the game, you will start at the bottom of the ladder, but you will progress and obtain better jobs. Those jobs will allow you to influence the school behavior. A good example is clothes management. Will you chose to have a strict dress code... or a more.. open one? The choice will be yours.

Nights and Days

The game will feature a day and night cycle. Events will be different depending on the period of the day and the day of the week. There will be special events the weekend for example, like soccer and volleyball matches, and the activities will be different during the day and the night. 

Story telling 

The game will have a "campaign", aka a main story line to help you progress throughout the game. The story will be correctly written, and will contain plot twist, love relationships, and many more surprises! You will still have the ability to focus on a single side story (girl) if you really want to, without being blocked by the progression.

Way more

Early Patrons will help up decide where the game will go. Come chat with us on our discord and gave us your feedback, but also your wishes and we will see if we can implement them in the game !

Thing we will implement soon

Audio speech and lipsync and emotions

A good thing about 3D models, is that we can animate the models live.
We will implement audio speech, by real actors, as well as syncing the faces of the characters with it. This will gave ultra realism to our game.

Better models and animations

Right now, almost all the students look the same in the game. But ultimately, all the students, the teachers, the visitors will have their own appearance and personality !

Clothes System

We'd like to offer a variety of clothes for our game. Depending on how you manage the school, students will wear different clothes. A strict school with a strict dress code ? Or a more relaxing one with more appealing outfits... it will be up to you to decide !


Weather will also increase the realism of the game. With a clothes system, we can imagine clothes being wet when it rains.. or the wind lifting some skirts... 

Upgradable school

The school will start in a very poor state... and with the money you will earn, you will be able to upgrade it! Some students will only come to the school if some prerequisites are there... like a gym, an acting zone, available rooms in the dorms, etc...
NOTE : All actual models, characters, sounds, etc.. may be updated, change, or totally be replaced in the next versions of the game. Most are only temporary.

Support us as a Patron !

Why should I become a patron? This game is very ambitious, it is one of the few full 3D game in this category. Creating this kind of game is way more complicated than creating a 2D game with only screenshots (no disrespect intended to those who create those kind of games, some of them are really, really, really good !) but in terms of programming, 3d rendering/modelling, animations, sounds, etc... it ask a lot of work. 

For all that, we really need your support. The more support we have, the more time and resources we can spend in developing the game.. 


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