Gain Jam 2022 - Purloined Sirloin: Glaceon's Fat Adventure poster
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Updated 2023-09-18
Developer niwatori401
Total size 230mb
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Gain Jam 2022 - Purloined Sirloin: Glaceon's Fat Adventure


In this game you play as a glaceon who is fed up with their master not feeding them enough and has taken matters into their own (paws?) Gather as much of your neighbors food as you can and return to your wagon.

There are a total of 20 burgers to collect. Each one you eat will reduce your speed and jump height. Plan accordingly! If you need, you can restart the level by pressing ESCAPE and choosing “restart”. I have confirmed it is possible to get all 20!

Lastly, all food items are in and around the house - no need to wander to the edge of the map, though if you want to you can throw yourself into the abyss at the edge of the map. I won’t stop you! 


WASD to move MOUSE to look SCROLL to zoom in/out

HOLD SPACE to charge jump RELEASE SPACE to jump

ESCAPE to bring up the options menu


More detailed version in game but essentially: Programming, 3D modelling, and such by yours truly
Music by Ultranova

Miscellaneous textures and the *pop* pickup sound effect from public domain sources.

This project was previously only available as an obscure MEGA link, so it's been re-uploaded here for archival and ease-of-access purposes.

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Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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