Gachinko! Bitch Club poster
Updated 2014-09-28
Developer Valkyria
Language jap

Gachinko! Bitch Club

Original title: ガチンコ!ビッチクラブ

Scandal turns the dreamiest virgins in the country into psychosexual bitch sluts!
Every chick is a sex-crazy slut! Ultra hentai! No condoms allowed!
F*ck anything and everything in this ero ero school porn production.
Discover the pleasure of being led by the d*ck by once-innocents bitched out, ecchied up
who now take charge with ZERO sense of CHASTITY!

It doesn't matter where, the main character (you) will be getting laid
at the pool, on the roof, in the clinic and the gym room, at a karaoke booth
in the game center, and other locations. School life sprawls beyond campus
-- you won't be able to tear your eyes away!

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