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Updated 2019-05-29
Developer Akabei Soft2
Language eng
Total size 2gb
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G-senjou no Maou

Original title: G線上の魔王

You play the role of Azai Kyousuke, the son of a legendary gangster infamous in the underworld. You spend your time listening to Bach, playing God at school and covertly working for your stepfather, a ruthless financial heavyweight. This idyllic existence is broken when two individuals appear in the city - a beautiful girl named Usami Haru with hair you could get lost in for days, and a powerful international gangster known only as "Maou". Almost without delay, the two begin a deadly cat-and-mouse game, bringing you and your friends into the crossfire. Plotting, political intrigue and layer upon layer of interlocking traps are the weapons in this epic battle of wits.

This game by Akabei Soft2 is available for you by an automatic search aggregator xplay.me and is available for free to download right now. All files of this game is 2 GB. Try playing other protagonist with multiple personalities and one true end games to find your favourite. Take a look at provided screenshots of this game to meet the style and the gameplay. Share this game to allow others to discover it. You can find more NSFW games like this using search by tags or by category.

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Download and install instructions

Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

Game screenshots:
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