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Updated 2023-05-26
Developer FutaFantasy
Patreon FutaFantasyNTR
Language en
Total size 1003mb
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Futa Fantasy

If you would like to play the latest version earlier then the public release, get early unreleased concept designs and ideas, spoilers and or help support the development of this title please view the game

This game has you play as Jack (Or whatever name you decide), you grew up with a caring childhood friend (name can be changed) and other role models who you would do anything for. Your dream is to be the best adventurer of all time like the legends before you.
This dream takes a setback when on your first quest two adventurers you look up to join into one body after you touched something you were not meant to touch,
The newly joined body of these two girls also came with a surprise on the lower part of their body.

What change will this new development bring as you set off with your party to help the newly joined girl get back to their original self?

This game is mostly a futanari on female game with either Netorase and or Netorare elements as the main  focus depending on what route you wish to take.

Route 1: The player knows about the futanari and starts to enjoy watching her with your party members who you grew up with.

Route 2: the player knows nothing about the futanari and scenes will take place without the main character knowing (These scenes will be shown in the recollection room once unlocked)

Questions and Answers
Q: Is this game free?
A: The public version will be free here, if you wish to play the most updated version or beta versions then visit the Page, Please note at times the public version will catch up to the Patron version.

Q: Does this game have animations?
A: Yes, all main scenes are currently animated, there are plans for a few smaller scenes to not be animated but these are not main scenes and are only a couple of lines long.

Q: Will the main male character be involved in some of the scenes?
A: There are currently some plans for this to happen but it will not be the main focus and will not take place till later in the game if they do.

Q: Will there be male on futanari or futanari on male content?
A: At this point in time there will be no male on futanari or futanari on male content and there are no plans on doing in this in the future, this is more a futanari on female type of game.

Q: Will there be group futanari on girl scenes with the party members?
A: Yes, there are not in the current release but the game has full plans for this to happen.

Q: Are there other female characters for the futanari to "interact" with?
A: There will be side characters which some will have their own scenes but they are not the main focus, at the time of responding to this there is one side character in the game already with a scene on both paths.

Q: I don't really want to play the game twice but I would like to see the changes in scenes, will this be an option.
A: There are plans for an unlock all scene option to be added to the game, this has not yet been implemented but current plans are to have it in game early on or unlocked after you complete one path.

Q: The game is already at 1GB in size, How big will this be as downloading 1GB+ for each version is a tad much.
A: At this point I am thinking of splitting the game after a certain story event takes place to reduce overall download size and smoother gameplay, but there are other methods I am also looking into.

If there are any questions not answered you wish to ask about please use the comment section below. 

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Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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