Forest and Elf and Friendship poster
Updated 2017-03-02
Developer whiteapple
Language rus

Forest and Elf and Friendship

(We're in love but we haven't even kissed......
Mirei-chan must not like being intimate......)
Two girls in a small town in the forest,
explore a relationship that gradually becomes more sexual......

This short RPG is about a yuri (human-onesan and elf-musume) couple
There's little battling and a fast-paced story

10 base event CGs
6 scenes with the protagonist Lucille
4 other character scenes
The "other character scenes" are not yuri
(Some male x female, female x male)

Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

Thanks to all for graphics, effects, scripts and music.
A full credit list is available on the Japanese site.

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