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Updated 2017-06-20
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Flirt Quest

Version 1.08

Full title:
Flirt Quest -Shu and the Tasty Girls!?- (IchaKue -Shuu to Oishii Onna-tachi!?-)
"The must-see lucky, lewd adventure of a passive guy!"

Presented by PAIOTU SOFT / Featuring the art of RIO AKAGI


Shuu thought of himself as an adventurer.
Almost as soon as his journey began, he collapsed in starvation,
and was saved from death by a girl called Riko.

Riko owned a neglected little restaurant.

Shuu was delighted by the quality of Riko's cooking.
"How could such a delicious place not have any customers?"
He realized the purpose of his adventure now.
He would tell the world about Riko's Restaurant.


Know the inner thoughts of Shuu, a hapless guy in constant peril from the girls he meets
... aggressive girls in a colorful, fast-paced gyakureipu (reverse r*pe) world!!

Get the antidote? Save the ninja fighter? Magic... bondage!?
Waitress! Maid! Nun! Maiden! Witch! Twins! ... Ghost!?
Shuu has no idea how to adventure.

* Free trial includes one event with Shitori the Nun


Flirt Quest is a simple, fast-paced gyakureipu (reverse r*pe) game for both RPG fans and casual gamers.

* Good tempo CTB (count time battle) system!
* 50+ original monster designs... plus species color variants!
(Collect them all in your Fieldbook)

Ecchi events will *mostly* be discovered through story progress.
There are no events where you have to lose a battle to see it.

Events: 30 ecchi base CGs, each with up to 5 variations


Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
Save data cannot be transferred from the trial to the full game.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP(free):

Flirt Quest screenshotFlirt Quest screenshotFlirt Quest screenshot

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