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Updated 2022-04-06
Developer Kaffein_SS
Language en
Language en

Five Stages of Pink

Follow the overwhelming life of Timor who desperately tries to find some Normalcy in a very Supernatural city where the color Pink is forbidden for dark reasons.
Timor is a teenager and teenagers suffer from high curiosity. You will help him elucidate Septeek city's many hidden mysteries and dark past while trying to not get kidnapped (and killed?) a third time because of reasons he doesn't even know (yet).
All that while battling an illness called "SS" he got because of this city's Abnormality.

This game has :

- A 'Complete your Journal' task that encourages the Player to investigate everything about the characters and the mysteries around them.
- A very large cast.
- Like very very large cast of +20 Original Characters with rich stories (Help me)
- Deep Family dramas and Friendship struggles.
- But also lots of wholesome Family and Friendship love.
- Complicated Family trees.
- Very Complicated Family trees (Help).
- Freedom time in the day where the Player can move around in the vast choices of settings and choose with who or what to interact with.
- Meaning : multiple Side Story tangents but following one big Main plot.

This is a Visual Novel with Point and Click features, the gameplay is there to accompany the story and not the other way around.


This game contains LIGHT horror elements that can disturb those that are very sensible.
Things like corpses, torture through poisoning, slight gore, light jumpscares (not your 'jump at you with a very loud sound' jumpscares, I don't like those), violent scenes, mentions of child abuse and many horror/dark themes that are not suitable for children under 13.
This game also contains depictions of depression and suicidal characters.

Download Five Stages of Pink from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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