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Updated 2020-03-23
Developer Ace
Language jap
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2.15 (13)

Feisty For An Elf.

* Premise

A demoness who wants to conquer the world must first deal with a brazen elf.
Let slip the monsters of war, turn the tables, enjoy the ravishings in this adult-only game.
Who will be victorious in the end? Who will be humiliated?

* Game rules & system

Battles work like the card game of "blackjack",
where the winning player deals damage equal to the sum of the cards.
Winning a hand in itself isn't victory, so be careful.

Unlike a normal 52-card deck, this game only uses 13 cards.
The variability of each successive card is very different from normal blackjack.

The monsters can level up and equip items
Even without winning you can earn experience and items by finishing a stage.
The higher your level the stronger your HP and attack power becomes.
If luck is against you, in time you can still beef up for an easier win.

* Card values

2~9 are worth 2 to 9 points, like normal number cards
10~13 are each worth 10 points, like normal face cards
1 is worth either 1 or 11 points, like a normal Ace card

* H scenes

Pixel animations
5 monsters + demoness for 6 total enemies
You can control speed and ejaculation
(Check out an animated GIF sample for the Orc monster)

* Other

1 ero CG, 4 variations

* Controls

Z key - confirm, use item
X key - cancel
Space key - skip message
Arrow keys - select, move
Alt+F4 - quit game

The game auto-saves when you clear a stage.
Your completion, level and experience, and items are saved.
You can reset your save data from the options screen.

* Credits

Maou Damashii

Kurage Kosho

Taira Komori



Shirokuma no Yome (CV: Ayaka Igasaki)

(c) Shiroikami

(c) Ace


Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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