Fap Nights At Frenni's Night Club - $5M Money poster
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Updated 2023-01-04
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Fap Nights At Frenni's Night Club - $5M Money

Hello hello!

You love the game, you want to enjoy the lewds scenes but you don't have money to have fun?
With this file, you will have 5 million money  ($5M) directly and you want have any problems forever with the money!

!!! BE CAREFUL !!!

Yes, you can have all the money you want with this hack, BUT, if you reset your save, you will still have your money, you will need to use a Hexadecimal convertor and change the file manual, I will explain how just down the description.


How to make it work after downloading :

     1. After downloading the .rar, you will have a READ ME.txt and a weird looking file, double click on the wierd looking file.
     2. Your computer will open a "Registry Editor" (at least for me it's that), all you have to do it's click "yes" (I KNOW, that look scary what the small text box say because the file will change the main coding of the game to change your money, nothing else but only that, trust me).
     3. After clicking "Yes", click "Ok" and That it!
     4.  Open your game, go in Arcade mode and you will see your money have change, you can do it again as much as you want to set your money at $5M.

Enjoy it guys!

I'm not sure at all if this Itch.io page will still be here in a few days, I can't know at all so be fast!
(If it get deleted, I'll try again in a few months or years)


Now to change the Hexadecimal Value in the "hack" file :

     1. Use this site to help you change the numbers into hexadecimal : 
     2. In the site, in decimal case, enter the number of money you want, whatever you want but just don't be careful, I didn't try about $10M
     3. After clicking 'Convert', copy the 'Hex signed 2's complement'
     4. Right click on the "hack" file, click to modify the file, just after the "dword:" delete all the number and past your numbers
     5. Do "Ctrl + S" to save the changes
     6. Then do the Explanation 1 above and you will have the money you wanted.

And that all friends!

I hope you'll gonna enjoy this help for the game and have fun in Fap Night At Frenni's!

The creator of Fap Night At Frenni's is  (aka Fatal Fire Studios)

I'm not at all the creator of this game, I'm just helping peoples having fun in the game with struggles by doing over and over multiples nights.


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