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Updated 2022-07-21
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Family Inheritance

Family InheritanceFirst things to consider

Currently the game has approximately 40 minutes of gameplay, 4 girls that you can already interact with and several maps that you can already explore.

The artwork of the menus and sounds will be improved in the future, along with some scenes and scenarios, my goal is to give Family Inheritance approximately 6 to 8 hours of gameplay with interesting stories, different things to do and many waifus to choose from! 

What is it about?

Family Inheritance is a visual novel that tells the story of a boy who is sent to a village without any instructions on what his goal is, as soon as he arrives he will meet a girl who will reveal his goal, to fuck 6 girls in less than 90 days to save his life and his family's inheritance.

What are the game mechanics?

Well, after the first 5 to 10 minutes of gameplay you will unlock some locations on the map where you can start your adventure, the game has its main story (in development) but the essence of the game is to look for girls, each one with her own particular story, her own goals and her own unique rewards or advantages!

Do you like being told what to do? I hate it! that's why my game is more of a sandbox than a linear story.

Scenes H

All H scenes are animated and in the best quality Ren'py allows me to use!


Your character has stats that you can raise, each one can help you in certain moments of the game or help you to obtain certain advantages, besides the main missions will also be registered here.

Girls' logbook

As you meet a girl or advance in her story the log will change showing more or less information, depending on the situation.

Current objective

In the girls' logbook you will find the current target, although... sometimes your research may not be the right one...

Advancing time, money and bedtime

At the top of the screen you will see the current time and what day of the week it is, from there you can advance the time as much as you want, but be careful if you advance the time too much you will have to go to your room to rest until the next morning, it also shows how much money you have.

And finally...

Who likes to be asked a question and have their answer be worthless?

In Family Inheritance all your answers matter ALL of them, some of them unlock secret scenes that you won't be able to see otherwise, or on the contrary they can affect you negatively, so be careful what you answer ;) 

Did you say Easter eggs?

A bonfire in the middle of the forest?

A sword on the wall of the bar?

how do we take it to the bonfire and make a reference to fucking Dark souls?

Obviously I missed to talk about several things that are already implemented in the game but I prefer not to talk about them for you to discover them, besides those that I have in mind to add

Family Inheritance is a very ambitious project that I would love to see through to its deserved end! I want to make more and better renders, better H-scenes, an obvious and necessary rework to the player interface, hire an artist to help me...

if you liked this first version and you want to support me I leave you the link to my patreon, where I will be updating regularly, you can also follow me on twitter!

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