Evil Female Executive Quest ~ The temptation of the Kargos group to aim for Lifred ~ poster
Updated 2022-03-15
Developer M-Gentlemen After-party
Language original
Total size 837mb
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Evil Female Executive Quest ~ The temptation of the Kargos group to aim for Lifred ~

Original title: 悪の女幹部クエスト ~ライフレッドを狙うカルゴス団の誘惑~

A seduction game in which the female executives of an evil organization put a number of honey traps on their heroes
not only female cadres, but also squadron heroes, who are familiar with zako combatants
The inhabitants of the town manipulated by an evil organization also come to seduce the hero with various hands!
if you lose, you lose immediately! no reverse!
can you withstand this temptation and save your captives??


The Life Rangers of the squadron hero were fighting against the evil organization of the Kargos to protect the town.
one day, the leader, lifred, comes to the base as usual.
Security at the entrance was broken, and no one was seen.
my friends have been kidnapped by the kargos!
"The Kargos... Wait, everyone!」
Lifred decides to fight alone to help his comrades.
However, this was a trap planned by the female cadets of the Kargos corps.
that's right...... to draw lifred into his friends with a color scheme.――

Game Content

Reverse les ○ Pu thing RPG for M man without reversal

battle with the evil organization that attacks aiming at the hideout!
If you lose, a simple and clear battle system of the etch scene!
If you transform, zako is one shot KO! if you want to lose, you have to solve the transformation on purpose.……

There is a recollection room after clearing
in addition to the normal end, there are two hidden ends
The comic "Harlem M erogenous run by a female executive of evil ~ Honey trap that deceives blue ~" which becomes a prequel that can enjoy the hidden end more is also on sale 
※ Description is included in the game so that you can supplement only the content of this work, so those who do not read the comic can enjoy the hidden end with peace of mind

Production tools

This game is produced in RPG Maker MV
Please check the operation in advance in the trial version
* Please note that the save data of the trial version cannot be transferred to the product version


敗けたら即敗北エッチ! 逆転一切なし!





変身してればザコは一発KO! 敗けたければわざと変身を解いて……




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