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Updated 2022-01-05
Developer deepglugs
Patreon deepglugs
Total size 2gb

Euryale's Gambit

Euryale's Gambit (EG) is the story of a succubus who goes back in time to the 19th century in order to save the future from a dark fate.  EG is the sequel to  (not required to play to enjoy EG).

Warning: This game has graphic violence and sexual situations of all types.  Euryale is a succubus and does succubus things.  She can't help it, really.

Like Catching Heat (CH), EG makes use of AI except in the graphical assets which are rendered traditionally.  Voice and some animations are AI generated.  Because we use Blender for our rendering tasks, we wanted to take advantage of some of the features of Blender not available in other rendering tools (or not often used).  EG has some image stills enhanced with Blender's particle and fluid simulation capabilities.

If you so choose to support development of this game via , you get some pretty cool perks including access to on-demand development builds (via discord).  This and other perks are not available from other developers.

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FeaturesAnimated cut-scenesAI Animated 3D ImagesAI Voice ActingHuman Voice Acting for select scenesMusic for select scenesFlavorsHarem (Reverse Harem)Oral SexFace-sittingGroupSquirtingLight FemdomLesbianMasturbationVoyeurismCorruptionFuta (optional)IncestCharacters


Succubus.  Gifted with an apocalyptic vision of the future from a mysterious creature (from which she also learned about time-travel), Euryale embarks on a quest to change the future and right some wrongs in her own past.  As a succubus, she has affinity to Lust Energy.


Super-human speed and leapingInvisibilityFlightPower of SuggestionDeadly Accurate Shot


Abolitionist.  Anarchist.  Had a previous relationship with Euryale.  Loves to write.


Former slave. Loyal companion to Euryale.

Future Characters

The Master

High Priest.  Teaches and spreads religious foundations for slavery based on racism.  The Master is likely a tool of Igret to spread influence.


One of the four Succubus Queens.  Euryale encounters her upon her return to the Townsville Cathedral she is very powerful.  Working with the Demon Lords, Igret is using her influence to help start a war.  She has affinities to both Lust Energy and Chaos Energy.


Angel/Demi-god Ceraphina decided to part-ways with the other angels in the plane of Heaven and join forces with Euryale in her quest.  Ceraphina has energy affinity to Heaven Fire energy.

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