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Updated 2022-09-18
Developer ドリルさきいか
Language original
Total size 274mb
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Estrus Adventurer Karen

Original title: 発情冒険者カレン

- Synopsis
A world where monsters are sealed in the ground, summoning dungeons from the ground, and plotting an invasion to the ground!

Karen, a veteran S-class adventurer, has been asked to take the treasure of the dungeon
However, the treasure was a treasure of the beast god Gaila.

Karen, who has acquired the wrath of the beast god, is subjected to the "breeding curse"!

It is always estrus after battle, and the body is changed by the curse
In the sex with the man who admitted that Tsugai is forced to become pregnant ...!

A city designated as the beast god Gaila to break the curse
Go to susanna.

working with the mayor of susannado, susariri
Begin to capture the dungeon of the beast god Gaila…

However, in the dungeon, there are also organizations that aim at Karen besides monsters…









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