Eroticism rock-paper-scissors dandruff hen poster
Updated 2022-09-30
Language original
Total size 116mb
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Eroticism rock-paper-scissors dandruff hen

Original title: エロじゃんけん フケイ編

18 Forbidden Dot Picture Baseball Fist game
this time the opponent is fukei's older sister!
Choose one of the Goo, Choki, and Par to play.
Each time the player wins, the opponent will take off 1 piece of clothes, and if you win 3 times, the stage will be cleared.
Take off your uniform on stage 1, and be naked on stage 2!
Every time you clear the stage, you rush into "Tissue Time (erotic anime)"!
Once you clear the stage in "erotic mode", you can view the undressing and erotic anime of the character at any time.

There are all 2 types + α erotic anime, and simultaneous playback is possible in "erotic mode".
In addition, you can select ON and OFF of the balloon.

※ This game is produced in RPG Maker MZ.
※ Please be sure to check the operation in the trial version.





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