Elrit Clover -A forest in the rut is full of dangers- poster
Updated 2020-12-25
Developer azucat

Elrit Clover -A forest in the rut is full of dangers-

* If the action part doesn't control properly, try changing input mode to legacy

During the war, sisters Fortuna and Ellie were captured, and turned into slaves.
While they were being transported, Fortuna creates enough of a diversion for little sister Ellie to escape.
Ellie seeks the help of her knight squad, but she must evade her pursuers first, and to do that,
she must step foot into a dangerous forest.

Take control of Ellie, and find the forest's exit in this puzzle action game!
Ellie is unable to fight, so you'll need to either run, or take advantage of various gimmicks
to make your way through.

Ecchi scenes include wolf copulation, goblin gangbang, ghost(?) ecchi, beast missionary,
pursuer sex / cowgirl / 3-way, with more situations planned for release.

Each situation contains various motions, all fully animated.


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