Effervescent Fantasy™ - Side Story - Morte della Vecchia Strada Ⅰ poster
Updated 2022-02-15
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Effervescent Fantasy™ - Side Story - Morte della Vecchia Strada Ⅰ

Join La Princesse Rosé a ½ Succubus on a quest through Hydrargyrum, a hypothetical planet Mercury orbiting a black hole, to find the Effervescent a fantastical cure-all and save her father Le Roi Vin Gris from fazing out of the visible light spectrum . . .¹ 

2D and 3D CGI visuals and optional voice acting for the lascivious protagonist! Battle and seduce demons dash jump and swim collect Lira and solve puzzles! 

Experience a serious RPG with erotic elements designed to invoke the look and feel of the fourth generation of consoles, when experimentation began to occur with 3D graphics; featuring 2D nonlinear gameplay, 3D CGI enhancing specific scenes², character portraits with a touch of realism in-menu, Enchanting poses loosely based on Kame Sutra, retro-style difficulty, and pseudo 3D during battles shot through the lens of a shaky voyeuristic camera to fit the eroge subgenre. 

La Princesse Rosé was designed to look 18 years old. 

¹Synopsis of Effervescent Fantasy™ a game in development. ²3D CGI is painstakingly made frame by frame, and the smoothness of the animations may vary depending on your hardware configuration. 

Version 2.0.1  addresses a bug preventing progression when pushing the rock into the pond adjacent to Clairet's effigey. After a chime is heard, the rock should fall into the pond crushing the remains beneath the road and causing its skull to sink below the depths.

© 2022 Stephany Valentina Moreira

Download Effervescent Fantasy™ - Side Story - Morte della Vecchia Strada Ⅰ from k2s or fboom for free.

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