Ecstasy Fantasy poster
Updated 2015-05-22
Developer Cyber Sakura
Language jap
Version 1.4

Ecstasy Fantasy

Ecstasy Fantasy: TS-style Action RPG
A love-and-hate story of transposed genders

Leon the robust warrior was involved one day in a magical accident
that changed his body with beautiful Imperial princess.
Living in her skin Leon discovered her secret, and a mysterious
dream warned him that if their body swap was discovered, they would be murdered.
Leon began a quest to the north, to the Kingdom of Moo
to return to his rightful body.
However, the deep of his quest, he faced unexpected circumstances...

Enemies roam the map and can be attacked by melee or magic attacks.
If you are directly facing an enemy you can attack in real time (very speedy!);
if enemies touch you frrom the side or back, the game enters turn-based command mode.
Tip: Lay traps or use the map environment to defeat enemies.
Boss battles are always fought in turn-based command mode.
There's a summon system that lets you bring captured monsters into the fight.

Masturbation, coerced and consensual sex, interspecies sex,
pregnancy, birth, bondage, lesbianism, cuckoldry/NTR, and more
hardcore situations.

Event CGs: 30 base + variations
Destructible clothing during battles
Outfits: 3 types for the protag
Lengthy story
CG review mode
Message skip
Show/hide message window
Compatible with game controller

Created by Cyber Sakura
Art by Takami Nao & Lowdock 2 (roudoc2)

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