生意気な風紀委員長の中里アンリが穴に挟まったら、恨みを持っているDQN達が集まってきましたw poster
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Updated 2020-08-10
Developer からあげカンパニー
Total size 636mb
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"Nakazato Henri" whose parents ' home is a dojo of REIWA-Ryu ancient martial arts, has been practicing martial arts since childhood.
Growing up in a strict family environment with a strict father, he has a strong sense of justice and dislikes being crooked.

After entering the school, he became a disciplinary committee member to improve the school.
He then used his old martial arts skills to thoroughly eliminate bad guys and DQNS,and eliminate bullying and school violence.

And even today, it was to defeat DQN who was bullying.

◆ Caught in the hole!?

As there was no shortage of bad students from the school, violence and bullying were eliminated, and students were able to live a peaceful life.
In an attempt to maintain the peace of the school, the head of the school, Henri Nakazato, was patrolling the school today.

At that time, I suddenly found a hole in the wall behind the school building.
It was a big hole where one person could pass.

Anri Nakazato"I can't believe there's such a hole in the wall of the school!Who did this?!」

Nakazato Henri " even so,I wonder where the classroom is beyond this hole.Could it be that something bad is coming in from this hole?・・- No way.」

But when I went through the hole, something unexpected happened.
It was used around the waist.
Nakazato Henri's body couldn't move forward or backward, and he couldn't get out.

Even worse, it was the last DQN to find such a situation first.
The DQN immediately summoned their colleagues.
They called one after another and gathered their friends, as if a ridiculous show had begun.

A few minutes later, a large group of DQNS gathered in front of and behind Henri Nakazato.
Their own school cleansing operation, bought hatred and anger of DQN, DQN us, as if given to God, was waiting for such a revenge opportunity.

He had no idea.
I hope that this hellish time will begin.…

◆ Animation touch game

It becomes a touch game to insult Nakazato Henri sandwiched in a hole.
Click the icon to take revenge on Henri Nakazato who can't move.

As the meter goes up, the choice of blame gradually increases.
DQN and the others come out of nowhere and bring various tools.
You can even use vibrators, anal beads, and even a drill to smash concrete blocks.・・・

At first it is bullish Nakazato Henri, but if you continue to blame, it will become more and more bearish.
It is expressed realistically in three stages.

Bullish → bearish → petition

Of course, no matter how much you cry or cry, The Revenge of the DQNS will not end.
Pant voice and by blame, cry also changes.

Please enjoy Nakazato Henri who despair at the end and breaks down.

Voice actor: Shiori Manchu


◆ プロローグ




◆ 穴に挟まった!?









◆ アニメーションおさわりゲーム




強気 → 弱気 → 哀願




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