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Updated 2018-08-29
Version 0.01
Developer KOJIRO
Language eng
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2.34 (6)

Dorei-Syoujo-A[English Subtitles]

Old title:Slave Girl A
Most H scenes are animated.
Main voice actress: Ichika Mukou

Butt Disciplines:
- whipping
- whipping (with vibrator)
- sex
- sex (transparent man)
- fingering
- fingering (with vibrator)
- vibrator
- vibrator (double penetration)

Discipline on Bed:
- sex
- sex (kiss)
- licking

Discipline with Restrained Arms:
- rotor
- sex
- vibrator
- dildo machine

Discipline with Gag:
- fellatio (gag)

Fellatio Discipline:
- fellatio (stick)
- fellatio (glans)

Spine-Arching Discipline (breast sucking):
- chain
- fingering
- sucking genital (pissing)
- sucking genital (piss drinking)
- sex
- huge dildo

- Discipline with Restrained Legs
- rotor & sex
- rotor & vibrator
- rotor & dildo machine

Butt discipline, discipline with restrained arms and
discipline with restrained legs has alternative clothes.

There are two game modes. Contents are pretty much alike.
Sex slave mode contains a little bit of mystery solving elements.

Violation Mode: You can choose an animation file to play so the operation is stable.
Please play this mode first.
Sex Slave Mode: Requires many animation files to be pre-loaded.
The operation is less stable in comparison with violation mode.

Minimum operational environment confirmed:
- CPU: CORE i5-2450M 2.5G
- GPU (built-in): Intel HD Graphics 3000
- Memory: 8G

The game can be played with some laggy moments in the above environment.
I think PCs with 4GB memory can hardly run this game.

Warning! The following link contains spoilers.

Dorei-Syoujo-A[English Subtitles] screenshotDorei-Syoujo-A[English Subtitles] screenshotDorei-Syoujo-A[English Subtitles] screenshot

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