Domination Quest: Kuro & the Naughty Monster Girls poster
Updated 2020-10-25
Developer Kokage no Izumi

Domination Quest: Kuro & the Naughty Monster Girls

This is an RPG to take wild monster girls into your party on your adventure.

The protagonist, Kuro, is a boy of a rare race called "Dominator" that has the power to control monster girls.

He had lived peacefully with an albino succubus girl named Shiro in a house deep in a forest, but one day that lifestyle had to end, necessitated to set out on a journey as an adventurer.

There are more than 28 species of monster girls with over 80 H scenes, including teasing with fluffy tails, oppression by huge bodies, vore and so on, which are peculiar to monster girls.

Every monster girl in your party has animated walking sprites and at least 2 H scenes.

Even in battles, Kuro is squeezed of cum by his ally monster girls. Your ally monster girls lose a certain amount of their "Stamina" every turn so he has to "Ejaculate" in order to refill their stamina before they run out of it and become unable to fight.

Some enemies have "restraining attacks". Each restraining attack has its unique H scene which is triggered upon a game over while he is retrained.

There are a variety of game features. For example, unique passive skills activated with higher "Trust" with allies, "Gem Combining System"(crafting weapons), a mini-game like an obstacle race etc.

"Domination Quest -Kuro & the Naughty Monster Girls-" is a quarter-view orthodox RPG supporting keyboard, gamepad and mouse input.

* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
* The story does not conclude in this title. A sequel is currently in production.

- Post-game dungeon added
- L-sized new character
- You can now unlock all the replay scenes using the [Etc] button from the title screen

- Added the ability to toggle the UI during H scenes
- Added a new item that lowers the enemy encounter rate, the "Doll of Coercion"
- The SP restoration item "Maximum Egg" is now sold in several towns
- Rebalanced movement speed
- Rebalanced encounter rates
- Improved some visuals
- Fixed mosaics
- Fixed various other bugs

- Fixed an issue with healing skills not having any effect when used from the menu
- Fixed various other bugs

-Added the option to show Kuro as a silhouette when using the skill "Domination"


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