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Updated 2016-10-24
Developer Palace Village
Size 48mb
Language jap
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Dog F*ck Quest

Dog F*ck Quest
Subtitle: ~The Only Match For Evil Is, The Hero's Four Legged Companion!?~

* Overview
All erotic events are bestiality! The dog is the protagonist! Harem!
7 big breasted characters await the red rocket of an "ero inu" in this simple RPG.
No annoying split paths! One path, one ending... and it's a happy one!

* STory
100 years ago, a hero without a name brought down the demon king.
But that was long ago. The demon king rises again.
To conquer evil this time, a new hero, Airi, takes up her sword.
But on her first day of journey, her much-trusted and benevolent princess says:

"You cannot defeat the demon lord. That destiny belongs to the hero's companion."

A four-legged companion. A dog with white fur----------
Legendarily horny for human ladies... like Airi----------

Dog F*ck Quest screenshotDog F*ck Quest screenshotDog F*ck Quest screenshot

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