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Updated 2023-06-09
Developer pixel-puddle
Patreon PixelPuddle
Language en
Total size 266mb
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Disrobia (18+) free demo

- - - - __________________________________________________________Explore a lewd magical realm!

You are a witch named Erisia visiting the magic sex realm, Disrobia, to explore your body.

Sex-platform your way through the realm, using monsters to get around

Help naughty sorcerers with their lewd quests, and get lewd rewards

Play lewd minigames - run a milk bar, beat a tentacle enjoyer's high score...

Challenge horny waves of monsters and bosses in arenas

Enjoy 8 full monster animations with 4 gangbangs, and 4 NPC animations, as well as several smaller animations. Also, many more are already done and coming soon in demo part 2 and insider builds!

Current build: demo part 1

This is the first release and demo part 1. Expect some bugs, and please report any you encounter so they can be fixed! You can use the Community section below, or Discord to report bugs.

The current demo release contains the following monsters and animations:

Purple tentacle + gangbangBee ladies + gangbangPlant walkerRed tentacle mimics + gangbangFrog ladiesHovering blob plants"Panthrill" monster man boss + gangbangPink ceiling slimes3 milk bar NPC animations

 Part 2 will bring the following content:

Monster: green minigame tentacles + gangbangMonster: flying column tentacles + gangbangMinigame: enemy wave arenaMinigame: high-scored tentacle pitEvent: traveling floating islandNPC: smug tentacle lady + sex animationExpanded forest worldImproved game menu (quests, stats)Improved keyboard navigation of shop menuActual controller supportLikely some more optimisations__________________________________________________________Future planned content

After you're done with the demo, -insider builds will get the following in updates (much of which is in progress already):

Music rhythm minigame: sex to the beat of the musicQuest rewards: adding sex-rewards to the Panthrill boss fight and the anal-hungry catgirl ladyDark forest sub-region: this is partially done already, and there are monster teasers on my socials already. Its theme is more Halloween-y and gothic, permanently stuck at night and full of glowing plants and trees to help you see and set the moodMore dark forest monsters: the dark forest already has a bunch of monsters, but we need a few more! Maybe a zombie or undead? Maybe a mischievous sorceress or witch?At least one more minigame/challenge: I have a good idea what this should be, but until the experimentation stage starts I can't promise exactly what it will be :)Dark forest battle waves arena! As with the normal forest arena, this will consist of waves of the dark forest enemies that you have to become a champion of

Even further in the future, there are plans for a couple more biomes/regions, each with their own range of minigames, monsters, bosses, quests, ways to platform, and more!

__________________________________________________________About the dev

Hey! I'm Pixel Puddle, the solo dev working to make this game. I started working on this game in late 2021 because I wanted to see something new in the lewd game space after playing various lewd games and feeling like I had seen it all. I have been doing programming for a long while, and I learned game dev and pixel art animation around the time I started this project.

 That's all - hope you enjoy the game!

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Download and install instructions

Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

Game screenshots:
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