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Updated 2020-12-25
Developer PLUTO


I do not know what kind of monster it will be, the game that the result will change by Gacha"Monster Gacha ~ Sister reincarnation~"、
This time, it appears as an RPG that can be played carefully!! Play all 3 D's!!


Feature (1) ~ The world that became deeper ~

Draw deep from the collapse of the world power"Radwin Kingdom", which was not drawn in"Sister Reincarnation"!

After meeting sister alice and luna, the dark spirit, and entering the neighboring melosha Kingdom from the escape of radwin Kingdom、
what was alice doing?? Of course, the audience of Alice and Queen Ruberite, Melosha's proud female knight also appeared!
don't miss the ending of the battle that engulfed the whole world called royana!!


Features (2) ~ New Design ~

The game has become an RPG, and the description of battle has been greatly improved!
Choose your action in a count-time battle where you can swap characters even during battle!
A new system"Rivet"that acquires new technology by attaching it to equipment also appeared! Improved strategy!!

In addition, a new system that powers up the character's attire, the decisive battle costume"Gruera"also appeared!
Not only allies, but also the forces that become enemies will wear Guruera, and the battle will increase fiercely.
What is the world that the victorious thing will see...!? Please see the newly drawn design!

gacha is still alive! If you talk to witches around the world, you can pull a single gacha or 10 series Gacha!
Some witches will tell you the probability distribution, but just right!?


Feature that (3) ~ Destiny to choose ~

As the story progresses, you are forced to choose between light and darkness....

The Road of Light is a journey in search of the"divine sword Emeladant"that the hero Eltward, who once saved the world, had in his hand.
It depicts the royal road of meeting many friends, parting, and leaving again.

The road of darkness is a route that harbors mighty power in its body.Gain the power of the demon, to a new figure......!?
You will also be joined by friends who have great power, but the ending will be painful.


Evil Fall-Futanari-Brainwashing-Hypnosis……

It is a blockbuster that poured all the experience of RPG Maker, the technology that circle"PLUTO" has cultivated so far!!
Please try to play by all means!


Scene Content
- The queen who is embedded with the rivets of the"wellbeing" and gradually changes her mind…
- Be fascinated by the Queen and follow your former companions, and what decisions will the player make??
- There are many scenes between women, but there is also a male receiving scene
- The secret status is also disclosed with the rivet of"Miyaburu"!?
- The Mad Fall, which goes further above the evil fall, is also...!?

Please enjoy it!!


★ basic CG23 sheets or more, all 54 kinds of recollection scene
★ More than 30 kinds of standing pictures
★total play time assumed 10 hours~
★ "All release button"that can release the recollection scene if you advance to a certain scene is also implemented

★ You can play with confidence even if the series work, circle work is for the first time!


今度はじっくり遊べるRPGになって登場!! 3つの『D』を遊び尽くそう!!




アリスは何をしていたのか!? もちろん、アリスと女王ルベライトの謁見、メローシャが誇る女騎士も新たに登場!



装備に付けることで新たな技術を獲得する新システム『リベット』も登場! 戦略性が向上しました!!

勝利したモノが見る世界とは……!? 新たに描かれたデザインを、ぜひご覧ください!

ガチャも健在! 世界各地にいる魔女に話し掛けると、単ガチャ、10連ガチャを引くことができる!















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