D-Fantasy - Captured Female Soldier poster
Updated 2012-09-17
Developer Kuril
Size 2gb
Language jap
Download via k2s.cc
Download via fboom
Ripped by: Unknown

D-Fantasy - Captured Female Soldier

The noble soldieress is imprisoned by The Lewdness, a demonic creature that enacts sexual trainings upon her deep in a lair.
6 person cycling breast sex, endless double hole penetration, continuous internal cumshot during trance... this is the fully documented exploit of a bitch's f**king without reprieve.

- More than 43 minutes of fully animated erotic scenes!
- Fully voiced with lip sync, dirty talking perversion!
- Realistic fluids, internal cumshot finishes in all 3 holes!
- Includes opening movie, sex audio effects, gallery mode, looping functions and more!

D-Fantasy - Captured Female Soldier screenshotD-Fantasy - Captured Female Soldier screenshotD-Fantasy - Captured Female Soldier screenshot

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